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draft - Know More About UsIt is coming. Just as night comes after day, the legalization of sports betting is coming. It is so close that it can be seen in the distance. We at Red Hook Bait and Tackle have anticipated the arrival of legalized sports betting and are preparing for it.

Red Hook Bait and Tackle is an organization and website that is all about sports betting in the United States. We focus on a number of topics and facets regarding sports betting.

First thing we cover obviously are the updates and happenings on the many different sports that people from the United States can bet on. These include traditional sports such as basketball, tennis, baseball, American football, and soccer.

There are also other extension sports included such as horseracing and the like.

Apart from covering these varying sports though, we also offer a number of tips on betting. These include tips that can help people can follow to do better.

The initial reaction to sports betting in the United States is that it is illegal. However, the truth is that there are already steps being taken towards its legalization.

There was an original sports ban established back in 1992. However, as of May 2018, the supreme court ruled that this original sports ban was in fact violating the rights of the states. New Jersey and Delaware are the second and third state to legalize betting.